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COPAH Studios




Centre Established  2017

check out all of the exciting things we have to offer.

We are a Centre of performing Arts based in Hinckley Leicestershire.

We pride ourselves in being a professional establishment offering a variety of Arts, sports & fitness all under one roof.

We are home to a Dance school, Singing school, Drum lessons, Piano lessons, Guitar lessons, Ukulele lessons, Ballet Associate programme, Ballet Summer & Easter schools, Musical Theatre Summer & Easter schools, Early Years football training, many Fitness classes, and a full time Musical theatre training course to name but a few!!

We rent out studio, office and creative space, so if you would like to join a class, be creative, rehearse in our studios, expand your business, or share your skills within our community of Arts get in touch for more information!!

If something on that list has caught your eye, what are you waiting for?

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