The Ballet Associates programme is open to aspirational young dancers aged from 9 years old upwards who would like to develop their potential, knowledge and classical ballet technique in an Associates environment that is uniquely welcoming, friendly and encouraging. Ballet Associates provides exclusive Royal Ballet standard Associates classes, where all students are positively encouraged to shine, grow in confidence and to enjoy developing breadth of movement and performance as an important part of their personal achievement.


Ballet Associates Director Graham Fletcher is extremely well known for the quality of his classical ballet training, having enjoyed a prestigious career as Principal dancer of The Royal Ballet Company, West End Theatre, television and film, and a wealth of experience teaching at a number of highly reputable vocational training schools, including The Royal Ballet Lower School, White Lodge, The Royal Ballet Senior School and The Royal Ballet Associates programmes.


Auditions for Ballet Associates take place annually, although individual applications may also be accepted throughout the year, subject to availability. There are three different Ballet Associates class levels, with all students being placed in the class where they will benefit and succeed the most, rather than being restricted to a class limited by age range alone. There is also a special programme of accompanying Pilates for Dancers classes that is open to Level 2 and Level 3 students and an exclusive series of Boys Only classes that take place on selected Ballet Associates weekends in the year.

Graham Fletcher Dip RBS (TCPD) RAD RTS

07717 721916